Our Practitioners

James W. Short, M.D.

Dr. Short graduated from University of Texas Medical School at Houston, completing his residency at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Short has spent the last two and a half decades devoting his career to Internal Medicine. He has extensive expertise in all matter of medicine for both adult and pediatrics, but above all it is his devotion to patients and excellence in care that stand out.

Amy M. Tammenga, FNP

We feel so lucky to have Nurse Tammenga as our Family Nurse Practitioner. She truly cares about patients and goes above and beyond to help our MedPed patients. With a history of acute and trauma care, orthopedics, and neuro-rehabilitation we are thrilled to have Nurse Tammenga's care and expertise in the Roxboro MedPeds family.

La Monica L. Hunter, CPNP

Specializing in pediatric care.