We love Children!

All our physicians are board-certified pediatricians.  We will walk with you every step of the way in taking care of your child’s healthcare needs.  From critical newborn care to the sensitive teenage years, Roxboro MedPeds will provide you with up-to-date research information.

Roxboro MedPeds believes strongly in the importance and safety of immunizations.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding immunizations, we encourage you to discuss these with any of our providers.  Roxboro MedPeds keeps track of all immunizations through the North Carolina Immunization Registry, and we can get you a copy of your child’s immunization records quickly.

Our pediatricians are deeply concerned with many of the medical concerns facing children today – from those frustrating ear infections to more complicated issues like asthma, Attention Deficit Disorders, weight issues and depression.  Feel free to discuss any of these or other health issues your child may be facing.


American Academy of Pediatrics: Official site of the American Academy of Pediatrics, includes sections on parenting, health topics, and a bookstore.
KidsGrowth:  A comprehensive website for parents developed by pediatricians.  It is divided into a parent site and a teen site.
KidsHealth: The largest and most visited site on the Web containing doctor approved information about children.  It is divided into three separate areas: kids, teens, and parents. Very user friendly.
Bright Futures:  Prevention and health promotion website for infants, children, and adolescents and their families.
National Institutes of Health – Sleep information:  United States National Institutes of Health website about pediatric sleep issues.

American Academy of Pediatrics (Asthma)

National Institutes of Health (Asthma)

Centers for Disease Control (Travel): Great resource for traveling abroad.  Contains recommended vaccines for specific areas, information for traveling with children, and outbreak alerts.

TeenGrowth: Part of the kidsgrowth website, this site provides several topics for teens, including an interactive question and answer section with one of the site doctors.
KidsHealth: A great teen website including several important topics for teens, including sections on diet and nutrition, sexual health, sports, and a question and answer section.

Centers for Disease Control: Provides parents helpful information regarding vaccines and immunizations.

Vaccine information from CHOP: A vaccine education center for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Provides complete up-to-date and reliable information about vaccines to parents and healthcare professionals.
National Network for Immunization Information: Provides up-to-date, science-based information on vaccines to healthcare professionals, the media, and the public.
Institute for Vaccine Safety:  A website run by Johns Hopkins University that provides an independent assessment of vaccines and vaccine safety.

CHADD website: CHADD is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of people affected by ADHD.  Website includes links to local support groups and conferences.
National Institutes of Mental Health: Describes the symptoms, causes, and treatments for ADHD, with information on getting help and coping.

Centers for Disease Control (ADHD)

U.S. State Department International Adoption Website: Provides information for families looking to adopt internationally by the U.S. Department of State.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: provides statistics about injuries in children and guidelines for injury prevention.

Consumer Product Safety Commission: up-to-date information about product recalls.

Safekids.org: Global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury.

National Eating Disorders Association: An excellent resource for families and sufferers.

American Obesity Association

Medline Plus Website on Obesity: Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, this page has links to many articles and other website dealing with childhood obesity.

Mother’s Clubs:
Chapel Hill-Durham Mother’s of Multiples Group:

Children with Special Healthcare Needs: Advocacy and service for people with developmental disabilities

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